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Clap on shoulder

A fun energizer that add energy to the teaching. Can be used, instead of a break, between activities.

  • The participants form a circle facing each other. One person is standing outside the circle. This person’s task is to walk quickly around outside the circle before clapping one of the participants on the shoulder.
  • Afterwards, the person who clapped continues to walk quickly/run around the circle in the same direction as he/she started. The person who has been clapped has to quickly leave the circle, leaving an empty space in the circle, and walk quickly/run in the opposite direction of the other person.
  • When the two meet at the halfway point around the circle, they should stop, greet each other and say their names. The aim is to be the first one to reach back to the empty space in the circle. The one who fails to get there first must continue the game by clapping a new person on his or her shoulder.

(English translation: John Anthony)