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Guess the song

Music is a good way of injecting energy into teaching situations.


  • Make a playlist with eight or ten songs from different countries.
  • Divide the participants into groups. Play one minute of each song. The task is to guess which country the song is from. Those with the most correct answers “win”.
  • You can also choose songs relating to the topic or subject being taught, such as women’s rights, or songs with a political message – where the participants can reflect on what the songs are about.


This exercise shows that music is common to all people. Creating and playing music is something people have always done in all cultures. Music spreads joy and gives inspiration across national boundaries.

Song proposals:

  • Daniel’s joik. Artist: Jon Henrik Fjällgren (Swedish/Saami)
  • Zorba’s dance. Artist: Mikis Theodorakis (Greece)
  • Pata pata. Artist: Miriam Makeba (South Africa)
  • The Parting glass (Irish folk song)
  • Macarena. Artist: Los Del Rio (Spain)
  • Gangnam Style. Artist: PSY ( South Korea)
  • Gharanay. Artist: Seeta Qasimi (Afghanistan)
  • 99 luftballons. Artist: Nena (Germany)
  • Respect. Artist: Aretha Franklin (USA)

Link to playlist (Spotify)

(English translation: John Anthony)