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Bag of peas

A bag of peas is not just a bag of peas.

Photo: MRA


  • All the participants sit or stand in a circle while the facilitator presents the bag of peas. This bag of peas can be anything at all! The person holding it decides. It can be a puppy, a slimy fish, a rose, dog poo, a hot stone, a jellyfish, or whatever.
  • When saying what the bag of peas is, the person holding it will hold it according to what it is supposed to be. The bag of peas – now a slimy fish or dog poo – is then given to the next person, according to what it is supposed to be. The person receiving the bag of peas then decides a new thing the bag is, holding it according to what it is supposed to be, and then gives it to his or her neighbour who will receive it in the same way. In this way the bag of peas makes its way around the circle

Taken from the City of Oslo, Department of Education, 2012: Skolemegling OSLO (School mediation Oslo), (Toolbox no. 2: Håndbok for skolemeglingslære (Manual for school mediation). Developed by Klinsj AS for the Department of Education in Oslo. Elever kan selv – verkstedhåndbok i skolemekling (Pupils can do things themselves – mediation manual).

(English translation: John Anthony)